Oxford Day for Art

Pop Up Oxford celebrates Oxford & Lafayette County unique art and cultural identity. In recognition of the role the arts play in defining our community we invite you to take part in sharing your nomination of your favorite artist, cultural experience, or celebration.

Local arts organizations will be hosting a Day for Art celebrating the visual, performing, literary and digital arts. You can be part of the celebration by nominating your favorite artist and experiences. Then join us on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 for a Day of Art party. The event kicks off with the free Art Crawl which offers a tour of visual art spaces in Oxford from 6pm-8pm. Jump on the Double Decker bus and tour the University Museum, Powerhouse, Southside, Gallery 130, Burns Belfry and LQC Lamar House and other pop up one night only shows.

After the Art Crawl, join us at the Powerhouse from 8pm-10pm for the Day of Art after party featuring the inaugural Oxford Art Awards recognizing the contribution of local artists and cultural organizations.

The event includes live performances by local musicians, authors, and performing artists. Plus a chance to win a year of art with tickets to events at various venues in Oxford.

Nomination form:

Form must be fully completed in order to be valid with only one nomination form per person. This is not a best of list but an opportunity to recognize the contributions of artists, performance, spaces and events that contribute to Oxford as being a distinctive creative place in Mississippi.
Through these awards we hope to inspire residents, fellow Mississippians and visitors to support our creative voices.

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